Rapid Jet Boat Taupo

    Race through stunning New Zealand scenery at dizzying speeds!

    Take a spin on our Rapid Jet boat Taupo.

    Jet boat Taupo New Zealand is our rapid Jet the 35-minute Whitewater jet boating experience.

    Best jet boating in New Zealand!

    Rapid Jet – 35-minute Whitewater jet boating experience. Our 35 minute blast will take you up to the Aratiatia Power Station to the base of the Aratiatia Rapids, NZ’s biggest and longest rapids that spill from the Aratiatia Dam daily and guarantees an adrenaline rush!

    The Nga Awa Purua Rapids that we ride on and the Fulljames Rapids are actually one and the same. The term ‘Fulljames Rapids’ is commonly known around the globe amongst kayaking thrill-seekers!

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      The Rapid Jet Experience

      Start by getting you into a life jacket and into ‘the zone for epic jet boating: calm nerves and lots of excitement!

      It’s then a few steps down and into our custom, Kiwi-built boats. Your skilled driver settles you in and gives a quick intro to the beautiful part of the Waikato River that you’re floating on. Then – hold on tight! – you’ll take off for every twist and turn imaginable!

      You’ll experience the thrill of ‘surfing’ on the pressure waves of the famous Nga Awa Purua Rapids, squeeze through the narrowest spot of the Waikato River and spin multiple times on the stunning clear water! You might even learn something new, like how hot the bubbling geothermal water is at the river’s edge, a bit of history about the Aratiatia Dam, or how many world-famous movies have been filmed here (keep your eyes peeled for clues in the trees and on the shoreline!).

      By the time you return to the jetty 35 minutes later, the kiddos will be smiling ear-to-ear for the rest of the day. And the memories will last forever.

      What To Bring
      Booking Info
      • 35-minute Whitewater jet boating
      • Experience the world-famous Fulljames Rapid on the Waikato River
      • Any footwear (running shoes, jandals, sandals – it all counts!)
      • In summer: comfy, light clothes
      • In the winter: warm & waterproof layers, although we do have jackets to keep you dry!
      • Located on Nga Awa Purua Rd, just off Rapids Rd, in Aratiatia, Taupō. It’s about 15 minutes from Taupō and 50 minutes from Rotorua
      When can I come for a ride?

      Rapids Jet operate EVERY day of the year except Christmas Day!

      Boat operating hours vary, between the hours of 9-4pm daily.

      Our office hours are 9-5pm, so feel free to call with questions during this period.

      Who can jet boat?

      Anyone aged 5 years and up can come for a ride with Rapids Jet! As a rule, children need to be 1 metre tall to ride in our jet boats.
      The oldest person we have taken was 93 years old! Can you top that?!
      The ride is an experience for people of all fitness levels.
      Accessibility: To get onto the boat, you are required to head down 25 steps to our jetty. While this means the jetty is non-accessible to wheelchairs, please reach out to chat about how we can help get you to the boat

      How long is the trip?

      You will be on the water for 35 minutes.

      Will I get wet?

      We provide life jackets and spray coats. Rapids Jet life jackets are adjustable and able to fit around a 4-5XL.

      How fast will I go?

      Our custom-built jet boats will be doing around 70 – 80 kms an hour on our trip, maxing out at about 90km an hour. Trust us – that’s quick enough


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