Tours to Wellington

Tours to Wellington

Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand, home to the country’s parliament and government infrastructure.

Wellington is often called ‘Windy Wellington’ because of the strong winds that funnel between the ocean and the surrounding hill valleys. More recently it’s become well regarded as a cultural capital with coffee, film studios, fashion, and creative technology driving the economy and local zeitgeist.

Things to do in Wellington

Zealandia Te Māra a Tāne

This 225-hectare walled, predator-free eco-sanctuary is a haven for native New Zealand wildlife. Birds are able to fly in and out of the valley but most choose to live here free from introduced pests like stoats and possums that have decimated the wildlife elsewhere in New Zealand. new Zealand’s unique native lizard the tuatara is now naturally breeding here. It’s like walking around in New Zealand prior to the arrival of humans some 1000 or so years ago.

Cable car

The cable car is a practical bit of engineering to get up the steep slopes of hillsides in central Wellington. The ride up from lamb ton Quay gives excellent views back over the city as well as enabling you to access Victoria University, the Carter Observatory, and Cable Car museum.

Lord of the Rings tour

Wellington is the hub for New Zealand’s film industry since it is where the studios are located which were used to film the blockbuster Lord of the Rings trilogy. many of the scenes of the movies were filmed around Wellington. you can visit these places and learn about the studios on official endorsed Rings tours.

Free (or almost free) activities in Wellington

Mt Victoria

This central promontory is the cheapest bit of fun you can have in Wellington. All you need is some huff and puff or a car to get up the hill. You’ll be able to watch the ferries and boats come and go in the harbour, planes take off and land as well excellent views up to the Hutt valley and across the city.

Weta cave

This free exhibit highlights the work of the Weta Studio who was responsible for the special effects and costume creations on the Lord Of The Rings trilogy of films among other movies. It highlights the creativity of the studio artists as well as the studio founder Sir Richard Taylor and director Sir Peter Jackson.

Te Papa

The national museum is not a staid and dusty environment, it’s an interactive and descriptive museum documenting modern and historical aspects of New Zealand life, culture, and environment. There’s even a room that simulates the effects of an earthquake. Additionally, revolving exhibitions are temporarily housed at the museum complex as well as weekly public events.

Cuba St / Coffee, Bars, Clubs

The nature of the climate, architecture, public spots, and environment that Wellington finds itself in has created a culture of funky bars and coffee shops and followers of fashion. much of this artistic and hipster culture is centered around Cuba Street and the mall where you will find the best people-watching opportunities by day and night. Not to mention the best coffee and cocktails.

Wellington Writers Walk

The waterfront development along the harbor including the sports stadium is easily accessed from the constricted downtown central business district area. It’s great to walk along and see what might be going on. One of the free features here is a self-guided writers’ walk that features Wellington-centric writers’ works describing the city and surrounds.

Botanic Gardens

A short walk in the direction of the suburb of Karori is the Botanic Gardens. Chill out and smell the roses, as it were. Take time out here or press on up the valley to Zealandia further up the valley.

Spend time in Wellington and take one of our tours to Wellington.


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