What to pack for (and how to survive) a winter holiday in New Zealand

What to pack for your winter holiday in New Zealand

The ultimate list of what to pack for a trip to New Zealand in winter.


What to pack for your winter holiday in New Zealand 

Scenic views, unique wildlife, delicious food, and drinks equal the perfect holiday, right? Well, New Zealand is where you will find all of these to make your vacation one to remember.

Winter in New Zealand (June-July-August) is considered the ‘off-season’ as most tourists flock in the summer months, but winter is just as beautiful with even more activities and sights that the summer months don’t provide.


“But it will be so cold In New Zealand in winter!” We hear you cry. Yes, it will be cold in winter – but if you’re prepared, it could just be your favorite adventure yet.


“Pack Layers, Not Bulk for New Zealand winter travel”

Real Adventure Group

Here are your essentials to surviving a winter holiday in New Zealand:


If you’re travelling to the South Island you will need to invest in some thermal clothing! During the winter days, temperatures on the South Island can hover around 10-12 degrees Celsius, but at night is where you will need those extra layers. Temperatures can dip to around 0, with possible snow on particularly cold days. Thermals are a must if you’re going up to the mountains to see some snow!

Winter coat

If you’re not used to cold temperatures, don’t even think about going outside without a good winter coat! Although they can be a little pricey, it will be a good investment. If you can’t find one to purchase before you go, they will be easy to find once you get to New Zealand.


A pair of comfy boots to keep your toes warm – and with that comes a decent pair of thick socks! They will also be handy for all the walking and adventuring around town and the mountains – your usual walking shoes might not cut it!

Clothes to layer

The key is layering! It will be cold outside but as soon as you step inside, the heating is on and you don’t need those big jackets or jumpers anymore. Wear layers that are easy to take off and you’ll be a winter holiday pro.


Don’t forget a good camera or your Go Pro! There are so many scenes, moments and landscapes that you will want to remember forever so grab your camera and get snapping.

Gloves and beanies

You can be wearing all the layers you packed but will still feel cold if you don’t keep your head and hands warm! The wind can be icy and this is when you will need these accessories – you want to be able to still feel your fingers at the end of the day.

Hand warmers

My favourite secret for travelling in the winter! A little pouch to stick in your pockets that keeps your hands warm after you’ve had your gloves off to capture all those Facebook snaps. You can buy these nifty little things from most adventure/outdoor sporting shops for around $15.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated and have your lip balm on hand at all times! Winter is when you can often get the most dehydrated because you don’t expect it, and the wind can make the dehydration worse. You will need sunscreen if you’re hitting the slopes! Sun reflecting off the white snow can lead to even worse sunburn than summertime, slip, slop, slap!

There are so many beautiful things to see and do in New Zealand, so have a look at some of our South Island tours if you want a real wintery experience. We have so many options for travel in New Zealand, take a look at all our other amazing trips that involve both the North and South Islands. We currently have 15% off our New Zealand tours in April 2017

Stay warm!

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