Included Activities On New Zealand Tours

Apart from all the cool places you'll stop at along your tour route, and forgetting for a second the unique accommodation and location of overnight stops, not to mention the included meals you'll get, included activities are the other key element of your tour experience in New Zealand.

Combined with the Optional Activities that you can do, you'll have a packed itinerary in New Zealand.

These inclusions might take all day or a few hours. They contribute to your understanding of New Zealand through their very Kiwiness.

Included Activities on Accommodated Tours:

Snorkel off the beach with the amazing marine life at Goat Island near Auckland

Goat Island marine Reserve is a place north of Auckland where you can get a sense of what the oceans must have been like before humans started harvesting from the oceans. You can literally walk off the beach and snorkel with large fish of all varieties.

Take a Wildlife Cruise in the Bay Of Islands

Take a cruise to or from the island there's a good chance to see dolphins and birdlife.

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Cathedral Cove walk on the Coromandel Peninsula

Coromandel Peninsula has an accessible and interesting coastline that includes limestone monuments carved from the coastline by the wind and wave action. Such a place is Cathedral Cove where you can walk onto the beach and through the carved archway.

Dig your own spa pool at Hot Water Beach, Coromandel Peninsula

Hot Water beach has an obvious and self-explanatory name. You can go to the beach here, dig down a little into the sand and have geothermal hot water bubble up to create a hot bath in the sand.

Cultural Night, Hangi feast and Overnight in a Marae at Tamaki Maori Village, Rotorua

Rotorua is a town steeped in Maori culture and it has pioneered the cultural evenings where you can learn more about the local culture through kapa haka, song and demonstrations. Even better you also get fed diner. At Tamaki Maori Village you can also stay overnight in the traditional Wharemoe (sleeping house) for a deeper immersion in the culture.

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Swim in a natural hot river near Rotorua

Rotorua is the home of of geysers, mud pools and bubbling hot pools. Just out of town is a river where the hot geothermal water mixes with the cold river water, creating a comfortable, warm place to swim. Your guide will show you the way to get really local.

Hike The Tongariro Alpine Crossing walk

It's been called the best one day walk in New Zealand. hard to disagree with that as you trek through forests, up onto the alpine plateau and observe close up the snow-capped Mt Tongariro. It's a big day but with the right gear (wet weather and warm clothes for all seasons) it's achievable for those with the determination to walk the the track.

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Wine tasting at a vineyard in the famous Marlborough wine growing region

Walk part of the Abel Tasman Track in the National Park

Abel Tasman National Park is a coastal park at the top of the South Island. it's renowned for it calm waters, islands and the track that follows the coastline. You have the day free here so you can wlk part of the track, swim, and catch a water taxi home.

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Relax in the thermal pools at Hanmer Springs

The South Island doesn't have too many natural hot springs but Hanmer Springs is an exception with well developed pools and surrounds for you to soak in. In summer or winter the hot pools will soothe away aches and pains and relax you on your travels.

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Visit Franz Josef Glacier World Heritage area

Franz Josef Glacier was named after the Austrian Emperor in the 19th century. The tongue of ice squeezed into the valley on the west coast of the South Island creates a dramatic sight as it passes through temperate rainforest. While the glacier maybe shrinking due to global warming, you can easily walk up the valley to where the ice terminates. If you want to walk on the glacier you will need to do the optional glicier walk.

Doubtful Sound overnight cruise through Fiordland National Park

Doubtful Sound lies deep within Fiordland National Park at the bottom of the South Island. Here glaciers have cut through the landscape before retreating and the sea has risen to create valleys filled with water. Temperate rainforest comes down to the sea level. The sound is extensive so rather than doing a short cruise, an overnight cruise is included to give a better sense of the region.

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Ride on mountain bikes along parts of the Central Otago Rail Trail

The Central Otago Rail Trail uses the path of the old railway line that has now been removed. It is now the leading cycle rail train in new Zealand. You will get the opportunity some of it along the relatively flat tgrail in the afternoon if you do a tour that includes this region. The bike is supplied, all you need to do is get the wind in your hair and your roll on through the distinctive Otago countryside.