There are many activities to take part in from Te Anau

Te Anau is located on the south island of New Zealand, which also has the largest lake in the south, Lake Te Anau. Only about two hours away from Queenstown, Te Anau is an extremely picturesque and popular place for tourists to explore. It is known as the perfect base town when visiting the famous Milford Sound. 

There are ample accommodation options whether it be camping, hotels, or lodges, nestled nicely on the edge of the beautiful lake. There is also plenty to do when taking a visit to Te Anau, including great hiking tracks and walks as well as glow worm caves! 

Te Anau is the closest town to Milford Sound and is known as the 'gateway to the fiords'. If you are self-driving in New Zealand this is a good spot to aim for in order to then take a day tour to Milford Sound. You then do not need to worry about driving, you can sit back relax and enjoy the scenery whilst someone else does the drive.  Take in the nature and wonder of the region as you head to Milford Sound where you will take a cruise on the picturesque Fiordland. 

Enjoy the relaxing nature of Te Anau and use it as a base to take some of our Real Kiwi Adventure activities. 


Travel from Te Anau to Milford Sound in comfort and style with our personal, small group tour

Milford Sound Day Trip

Travel from Te Anau to Milford Sound in comfort and style with our personal, small group trip through Fiordland's spectacular snow-capped wonderland!

Great one day from Te Anau to visit Milford Sound the most famous highlight of New Zealand's South Island. Enjoy a small intimate cruise to see the pure glacial water from towering waterfalls and native wildlife including seals, dolphins and penguins.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate, all-inclusive Milford package

Milford Sound Day Trip with Kayak

Visit UNESCO World Heritage area Milford Sound with a cruise and Kayak adventure.

Double the adventure with our Cruise and Kayak Milford Sound Experience. This trip includes a Milford Sound cruise, entry to the Milford Underwater Observatory and 1-hour kayaking around sheltered Harrison Cove. Kayak through crystal clear waters in one of the most majestic part of the world!


Milford Must Do Kayak with transfers from Te Anau

Take a Kayak tour to Milford Sound with transfers from Te Anau

Get out amongst it! Kayaking within this World Heritage area is an unbelievable experience. Feel alive gliding alongside massive vertical cliffs, take photos underneath rugged snow-capped peaks and admire our abundant rainforest while keeping a keen eye out for any wildlife.