If you are travelling on tour in New Zealand or self driving we have plenty for you to see and do at each destination. 

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Activities from Queenstown

Queenstown is the ultimate hotspot for adrenaline junkies to test their limits while having the time of their lives! Ranging from slow paced fun, to high speed, high intensity adrenaline, there is sure to be an activity for everyone. While a large variety of activities can be found in Queenstown, here are some of the most popular that are sure to create the experience of a lifetime:

Shotover Jet: The shotover jet is for that person that enjoys a bit of speed, but at ground level. Glide your way through some of Queenstown’s pristine lakes while capturing a bit of the beautiful surrounding scenery. You’ll be twisting around 360 degrees, dodging rocks and bushes, all within the safe hands of a professional speed boat driver. You’ll be guaranteed to leave pumping with adrenaline, ready for round two, and possibly a little bit soaked! Book the Shotover jet here.

Zipline tour: Glide effortlessly through the breathtaking woodlands of Queenstown as you capture a once in a lifetime view of the city below. If heights do not phase you, ziplining is the best way to see the views as well as getting that adrenaline rush all at the same time! For the even more daring, take a night time tour and glide through the dark. You’ll feel safe and secure with professional zip liners and tour guides, all the while being educated about Queenstown history and the surrounding land.

Canyon Swing: Definitely not for the faint hearted, the canyon swing will test your limits like no other! Even the adrenaline junkies will have a hard time swinging through the air hundreds of metres off the ground! The hardest part being; working up the courage to pull the lever yourself which sends you swinging sky high. There is no doubt the canyon swing will take all your courage, however you are in for an unforgettable, adrenaline pumping experience!

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Rich in natural beauty with views worth a million bucks, Rotorua is sure to take your breath away. Explore the land through an array of fun activities, suitable for everyone! From bike riding to educational museum tours, to mountain hikes, there is no time to be bored in Rotorua!

Cycling/ Mountain biking: Rotorua is known as the ‘cycle friendly city’. There are treks and trails to suit everyone, all the way from beginners to experts. The whole family can join in on the fun! Specifically, the famous Whakarewarewa Forest is known for its specially designed bike trails. A bonus is the beautiful surrounding scenery you can enjoy while making your way through the track, no complaints!

Walking/ Hiking: If riding a bike is not for you, strap on your hiking boots and experience some of the world's most beautiful hiking treks and trails. Amazing lake and forest scenery is sure to not disappoint, especially when you can experience it at your own desired pace. Afterwards you’ll feel refreshed, and completely in awe of Rotorua’s natural beauty.

Rotorua Museum: If you’re a bit sore and tired from all that bike riding and hiking, take a trip to the Rotorua museum for a fun yet educational filled day. Immerse yourself in the traditional Maori culture and take a trip back in time as you learn about the history and culture of New Zealand’s heritage. Afterwards, take a load off and relax in the overlooking the Government Gardens. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and full of new and interesting information about beautiful New Zealand.

Glow Worm Cave/ Kayak Tour: Take a peaceful paddle through lake Rotoiti before entering a cave covered with glow worms! It is an experience like no other. Enjoy the scenic views and the abundant wildlife before going into the naturally glowing cave which will be sure to create the experience of a lifetime. There are not many places in the world where you can experience such a natural beauty and wonder, so this is sure not to be missed! Afterwards, relax in the natural thermal hot pools and call it a wonderful day.


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Paihia, also known as ‘the jewel of the Bay Islands’ offers plenty of water based activities and tours for everyone to enjoy! Thousands visit the island during the summer time, where locals take great delight in sharing the town, and providing many different activities to participate in. A relaxed and safe lifestyle is enjoyed by locals and there is no doubt tourists can feel the exact same way when visiting the island.

Paihia Scenic Walks: There are many different walks and treks that a tourist can take in Paihia, all of which provide beautiful and different scenic views. For instance, the trek to Paihia viewpoint is a small 1.5 kilometre walk, which includes walking through the native forest and ending with an amazing view overlooking the bay. For a bit more of a challenge, take the Paihia to Opua walk which stretches over 5.8 kilometres. Included in this trek is stunning coastal views, sea birds, and passing of sea craft. Make a day of it and pack a picnic and go for a dip in the bay, the whole family is sure to enjoy it!

Waitangi: For a more relaxed and educational filled day, take a visit to the Waitangi National Trust Estate. Also known as ‘the birthplace of the nation’ as it is where the treaty of Waitangi was signed on the 6th of February 1840, essentially the uniting of Maori and British people in New Zealand. There is a treaty meeting house, surrounded by recreational areas, mangrove forest, native bush and an open coastline. By the end of the day, you’ll be filled with culture, history and an unforgettable experience!

Sailing and Dolphin Swim: Spend the day out at sea, and set sail on ‘Carino NZ’. A spacious yacht designed for a day at sea, and the only yacht company licensed to swim with and view dolphins in the bay! Hop on board in Paihia and set off on your adventure. You are given the choice to help out the crew with sailing, or simply sit back and relax and enjoy the view. Local blue penguins, sea birds, and of course dolphins are some of the many native creatures to look out for when gliding through the bay. If weather conditions allow for it, you will be given the chance to swim with the dolphins, a truly unforgettable experience! Later on, your captain and crew will find an area for you to snorkel, take a scenic walk or simply relax on the beach. All the while they will be busy preparing a kiwi style BBQ lunch, including a range of beers, wines and soft drinks, just for you! You are guaranteed to be looked after for the entire day, so you can sit back and enjoy an experience like no other, ideal for the entire family! Just don’t forget to pack the sunscreen!


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Te Anau is located within the south island of New Zealand, which also has the largest lake within the south, Lake Te Anau. Only about two hours away from Queenstown, Te Anau is an extremely picturesque and popular place for tourists to explore. It is known as the perfect base town when visiting the famous Milford Sound. There is ample accommodation options whether it be camping, hotels, or lodges, nestled nicely on the edge of the beautiful lake. There is also plenty to do when taking a visit to Te Anau, including great hiking tracks and walks as well as glow worm caves!

Milford Sound Nature Cruise: The most obvious and popular adventure to embark on in Te Anau, is to make a visit to the prestigious Milford Sound. Hop on board a beautiful ‘Milford Marina’ or ‘Milford Wanderer’ boat in Te Anau, and sail away to the Milford Sound. It’s a view and experience like no other. You’ll be blown away by your surroundings all the while sitting back and enjoying the peaceful cruise. You will immerse yourself o some history about the region, as well as looking out for dolphins, seals, penguins and other beautiful creatures. Get up close and personal with the Milford Sound waterfall, and feel the droplets spray as you cruise past. You’ll return home feeling refreshed and excited to have experienced such an iconic attraction in New Zealand. Book your Milford Sound cruise here.

Doubtful Sound Helicopter Cruise: What many people wouldn’t know, is that Doubtful Sound is in fact 10 times larger than the prestigious Milford Sound. Equally as beautiful, there is plenty to view in Doubtful Sound, and what better way to do that than in a helicopter! An extremely unique experience with a view from a completely different angle, the helicopter cruise is sure to not disappoint! Takeoff in your own helicopter at Te Anau airport, and enjoy the scenery made of of dramatic mountains and cliffs, waterfalls and the Tasman Sea below. You will then be treated to a remote landing to take photos and take in the incredible view, the absolute highlight of the trip!

Fiordland National Park: Over 1.2 million hectares in size, Fiordland National Park will keep you entertained all day. Discover stunning lakes, rainforest, trees, flora and fauna and native creatures. The unique area makes for a fun filled day for everyone to enjoy! Relax by the natural flowing waters, pack a picnic, or trek through the beautiful rainforest. The choices are endless!

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Nelson is claimed to be the sunniest region in New Zealand. If that’s not enough of an excuse to visit then we don’t know what is! There are endless things to do and see in Nelson, many of them involving the outdoors due to the decent weather all year round! Walking, sailing, kayaking and skydiving are some of the many adventurous things you can do in Nelson. For a more chilled out and relaxed trip, visit the many art galleries and museums and indulge in the regions fine food and wine. There won’t be a day spent in boredom whilst visiting Nelson!

Skydiving: Not for the faint hearted, but an experience that is sure to take your breath away like never before! Whilst not many people feel comfortable skydiving, those that are daring enough to try will always come out of it feeling on top of the world! Nelson allows you to not only feel safe and secure whilst skydiving, but you will be given the chance to view the area in the most incredible way possible. Fly over mountains, rivers, orchards, vineyards and stunning beaches and take in the serenity from sky high. The courage it takes to jump out of a plane and freefall through the sky is totally worth the amazing rush that you feel and the once in a lifetime experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Food and wine: After all that skydiving a drink or five might be needed. Thankfully, Nelson offers some of the finest, aromatic wine and craft beer within the country. Sit back and relax on a sunny day, and indulge in a glass of red paired with a cheesboard to die for. Visit one of the many stunning vineyards within Nelson, and make of a day of wine and beer tasting and trying delectable food of all sorts. In particular, Nelson offers some of the freshest and tastiest seafood that simply can’’ be missed! You’re guaranteed to leave feeling incredibly relaxed and extremely full of booze and food.

Museum: For something a little different, take a visit to the one of many museums and galleries Nelson has on offer. In particular, the World of Wearable Art Museum is sure to make for an interesting and equally as entertaining day. Essentially, a museum filled with items of clothing that are all made out of a stunning work of art. Once you’ve made your way through, visit the conjoined Classic Cars Museum. Here you are given the chance to view one of Australasia’s largest private collection of classic cars. The entire trip is sure to please everyone, and makes for a fun filled and different experience.


The town of Taupo is located around 45 minutes from Auckland, sits at the edge of Australasia’s largest lake, and includes many amazing local attractions including fishing, skiing and geothermal parks. The beautiful location is a base for those who visit for trout fishing, skiing on Mount Ruapehu and of course visiting the iconic Huka falls. Golfing and cycling are also popular activities that visitors partake in when in Taupo. Natural history is also present in Taupo, with lake Taupo being made up of a large volcano with a fiery history. A boring moment will never be had while visiting Taupo!

Huka Falls Jet Boat: The exciting ride is the ultimate thrill, all the while providing a beautiful scene and some natural history. Hop on in Taupo and take the ride of your life to the beautiful Huka attraction. The half hour ride is filled to the last minute with spins, speed and nature so close you can reach out and grab it by the hand! The view consists of a stunning river environment, lined with native bush, sheer rock face and natural hot springs. It’s a must do for any visitor, and an absolute experience of a lifetime. It’s the most unique way to see the Huka falls, and is sure to never disappoint whether you are an adrenaline junkie, or wanting to experience the natural beauty and history. Book your Jetboat ride here.

Great Lake Trail: The Great Lake Trail borders New Zealand’s largest Lake (Lake Taupo), making it a must do and see adventure when visiting Taupo! The trail also features amazing natural beauty such as lush forests, wetlands, waterfalls, beaches and lookout spots. To cycle the entire track can be spread out to be done over two days (it is a long ride!). It is a track designed for the more experienced cyclist with long lengths, some difficult terrain and limited signals in some sections, however it is the experience of a lifetime and is highly enjoyed by those who do it!

Mine Bay: For something a little bit different, take a visit to Mine Bay, where you can see the Maori rock carvings, a truly unique experience! The carving was created in the late 70’s by a master carver, Matahi Whakataka-Brightwell. The carving stands around 10 metres high and took four years to complete. The carving has since become an icon within the area, and therefore a cannot miss experience when visiting Taupo! The carving can only be viewed by boat, and for the very best view, up close in a kayak!



Auckland is one of New Zealand’s most popular destinations for tourists all over the world! It is the perfect combination of a world class city with natural beauty of all kinds right at its door step. Its unique in the sense that you can go for a hike through a rainforest, and treat yourself to a five star meal in the heart of the city, all on the same day. There is plenty to do in Auckland and something to suit every type of person. It’s a must visit, and likely to be one of your major destinations where a lengthy amount of time can be spent at.

Rangitoto Island: One of Auckland’s most iconic islands, Rangitoto is a dormant volcanic cone that sits just off the coast of Aucklands central city area. You can catch a ferry or glide across the lake in a kayak. Both options are equally as enjoyable, and will most likely include a guided tour around the volcano and to the summit for spectacular views! It’s an experience the whole crew can enjoy, and doesn’t require much travel time due to it located so close to Aucklands city central, an extremely convenient adventure!

The Big Foodie: For something a little bit different, but equally as enjoyable, take a food and wine based tour around Auckland! The Big Foodie is a company that offers food tours in Auckland, to give tourists a genuine and authentic experience of what Auckland has to offer food wise. Many people may not be familiar with New Zealand foods and produce, and therefore the foodie tour makes for an interesting and new experience. You will be treated to plenty of different foods and produce Auckland has to offer, in different locations all around the city. It is a driven tour, complete with light lunch at the end of the day! A must do for anyone who enjoys food (everyone).

Auckland Central: All the hiking, kayaking and eating deserves a day of shopping, and what a better place to do so than in Auckland’s Central! The city is bustling with places to shop from local designers, international designers, retro, vintage and anything else you can think of. It’s a great way to relax as well as exploring Aucklands city and experiencing something different from the nature based adventures. You will no doubt get back to the hotel with arms full of shopping bags... and an empty wallet.

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