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Check out all our advice on how to travel in New Zealand, best places to visit on the North and South Islands and what to bring on tour.

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North Vs South Island New Zealand

North Vs South Island New Zealand? Why the South is better. We already discussed some differences between the North and South Island in a previous article, here we take a more unbalanced view. If you only have a short time to travel in New Zealand 10 days- 2 weeks then we would advise you to choose an island. In our opinion that island should be the South. Flying in and out of Christchurch would make the most sense, as most of our tours would start and finish there.  We do really like the North Island, its great for beaches, bush and culture. Read more about it here. However, we think the South Island has everything you would expect to see in New Zealand; snow capped mountains, glaciers, lakes, fjords. It's just so typically New Zealand it would be a shame to miss it. You can tick off all your must see's in just a few days.

What To Pack For (And How To Survive) A Winter Holiday In New Zealand

Scenic views, unique wildlife, delicious food and drinks equals perfect holiday, right? Well, New Zealand is where you will find all of these to make your vacation one to remember. Winter in New Zealand (June-July-August) is considered the ‘off-season’ as most tourists flock in the summer months, but winter is just as beautiful with even more activities and sights that the summer months don’t provide. "But it will be so cold In New Zealand in winter!" We hear you cry. Yes, it will be cold in winter - but if you’re prepared, it could just be your favourite adventure yet. Here are your essentials to surviving a winter holiday in New Zealand.

5 Free Hikes for a Cheap Trip to Queenstown

By now you’ve probably realised that the scenery in New Zealand is unbelievable, with stunning vistas around almost every corner. At some point you’ll arrive in Queenstown, one of the many jewels in New Zealand’s crown and the adventure capital of the world. After bungy jumping, skydiving, rafting, skiing, jet boating and partying you’re down to your last few pennies. Now’s the time to break out those hiking boots, enjoy the fresh air and experience South Island of New Zealand up close and personal.


Maori Culture

The first people to call New Zealand home were Maori who settled the country sometime before the 14th century. They had travelled from Polynesia to New Zealand and then through a period of isolation developed their own distinctive and rich culture. In better understanding Maori culture, you will better understand what it is to be a New Zealander. These tours have dedicated Maori cultural experiences included in their itineraries.

What to Pack for a Trip to New Zealand

What to bring in your backpack for your trip. Heading to New Zealand but not sure what to bring? Thinking about what to pack to keep your bag under 20kg? Here’s some useful tips on preparing for your New Zealand adventures tour. We are all guilty of overpacking, which sucks when you have to carry your backpack on and off the bus on tour. We always used to pack way too much and only wear half the clothes...so here is our guide to what to bring to New Zealand. 


Things to do in Wellington

No tours start in Wellington, however, most North Island tours and all National tours will have some free time here as part of their itineraries. Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand, home the country's parliament and government infrastructure. Wellington is often called 'Windy Wellington' because of the strong winds that funnel between the ocean and the surrounding hill valleys. More recently it's become well regarded as a cultural capital with coffee, film studios, fashion, and creative technology driving the economy and local zeitgeist.