These hop-on hop-off tours visit both the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

You can start your tour in Auckland or Christchurch.

A hop on, hop off bus pass allows you to travel on a network of buses that reach New Zealand's top destinations and off the beaten track spots. The buses run on a set itinerary leaving each destination at certain times throughout the week.

Once you start your pass, you have 12 months to use the entire route. Or, you can choose to use it in the minimum time required to complete the route - this ranges from three days through to up to a month.

You get to "hop off" whenever you wish to spend more time in any of the places the bus travels to, and then you "hop on" the next bus coming through town

Visit some stunning New Zealand beaches

The Maximus Pass

Jump on the bus and discover the real New Zealand, with (almost) everything you could wish for! From the Far North to the very Far South.

You can start and finish in Auckland, Christchurch or any other place around the circuit. You need about 4 weeks and it's an excellent way to really get to see and experience all of what NZ has to offer - the North of the North to the deep South! As always the longer you have the better so you can get off at your favourite places for a few more days (or weeks!).

Spend a few days in Queenstown - the adventure and party capital of NZ!

The Max Pass

The Max Pass is our most popular hop-on hop-off travel pass.

You'll need a few weeks to make the most of it. Start where you like and finish where you started. Most passengers start in Auckland for this fun adventure around New Zealand.

Stop in at Rotorua to experience (smell) the geothermal activity and do extreme white water rafting.

The Moe Pass

Let us take you from Auckland to Christchurch in style! Discover the real New Zealand and get off the beaten track in both North and South Islands.

This pass allows you start in Auckland and finish in Christchurch to avoid any backtracking but still allowing you to see most of New Zealand if you have at least three weeks.