Why A Winter Tour In New Zealand Is A Good Idea

It's true, most international visitors travel to New Zealand during the warmer summer months. That's not a reason not to travel to New Zealand in the winter or cooler months. New Zealand is a four season destination.

Our accommodated tours operate year round with itineraries only changing for the winter months.

Here are some reasons why a tours in New Zealand in the winter are a good idea

1. All these winter itineraries are 100% guaranteed to depart.
Lake Alexandrina Canterbury John Doogan 900x600
2. All the mountains in New Zealand look better with more snow on them for that picture postcard shot.
Queenstown Julian Apse 900
3. You can go skiing or snowboarding on your free days in Queenstown.
4. Franz Josef Glacier is accessible year round. The ice remains harder and easier to traverse in the winter.
5. Whales at Kaikoura don't mind the cold. They are there year round. If anything there are more of them during the winter.
Lake Wanaka Julian Apse 900x600
6. You are travelling in a warm bus so the cold outside isn't going to bother you.
7. It's often cheaper to fly to New Zealand during the winter. Airlines will have special fares to fill seats in quieter times.
Rotorua Blaine Harrington.900
8. Winter in New Zealand is summer in Europe and the Northern Hemisphere. So you might have extended summer holidays making the flight to NZ and the time away from work a feasible option.

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