New Zealand is a small country of two islands with rolling hills and wonderfully friendly people. However, they have one thing that you wouldn't expect of a country so far away from the rest of the world. They are crazy for adrenaline activities and adventure!

And they want you to try a few whilst you are visiting. There are more adrenaline activities in New Zealand than just your Bungy jumping and skydiving. Here we give you a different mix of out of your comfort zone crazy adventures.

You can go Jet boating, which is around 30 minutes of adrenaline, just enough to get you screaming with laughter and make you wobbly on your feet for the rest of the day. The ideal activity to push your limits, whilst remaining safely strapped in. Either on the foam of Taupo's Haka Falls or through the canyon of the Shotover river, jet boating can be just the energy rush you need! 

You can try White Water Rafting. Sailing peacefully down a river one minute and being thrust into wild white water the next. This thrilling day out can take your group to the next level as you navigate world class rapids. 

Canyoning in New Zealand takes the beginner to full on adrenaline junky in just a few hours. As you jump off cliffs into the abyss below or abseil down pumping waterfalls you will experience the feeling of being at one with nature and at one with yourself. 

Get your blood pumping with our variety of adrenaline attractions and activities!

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