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Travel Info

Find useful travel information here to help you plan and organise your trip to New Zealand. Including our current blog post on how best to travel in New Zealand.

Maori Culture

The first people to call New Zealand home were Maori who settled the country sometime before the 14th century. They had travelled from Polynesia to New Zealand and then through a period of isolation developed their own distinctive and rich culture. In better understanding Maori culture, you will better understand what it is to be a... more >

Included Activities On New Zealand Tours

Included Activities On New Zealand Tours Apart from all the cool places you'll stop at along your tour route, and forgetting for a second the unique accommodation and location of overnight stops, not to mention the included meals you'll get, included activities are the other key element of your tour experience in New Zealand. Combined with the... more >

Optional Activities On New Zealand Tours

Optional Activities On New Zealand Tours It is often thought that when you do a tour you are rushed around with no spare time or time to do anything except what's on the itinerary. It's a common misconception. The truth is itineraries are designed to give a balance between included activities[sitetree_link,id=78], travel between destinations and time... more >

Accommodated Tour Accommodation

Accommodated Tour Accommodation One of the key features of Real Kiwi Adventures accommodated tours[sitetree_link,id=54] is not just where the tours go but where they stay overnight. More importantly the accommodation that is used. The accommodation and location become a core part of the experience of the tour. It's not just a place to sleep. Camping tours[sitetree_link,id=30], of... more >


Find out more about travelling in New Zealand here. These helpful travel articles are broadly about taking a tour in New Zealand and general advice about travel planning for your NZ trip.

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Things To Do

Find helpful information on things to do at these major towns and cities you might stop at or start and finish your tour at.

These gateway cities to New Zealand are worth a couple of days at before or after your tour.

Check out these pages for information on what activities are included on tours or optional activities available while on tour.

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Accommodation Book accommodation before or after your tour here in Auckland, Wellington, and Queenstown. Choose to stay in the best hostels in these cities in dorm or twin/double rooms. more >

Work and Travel Packages

Find New Zealand work and travel packages here. more >

Top 5 Hidden Gems in New Zealand’s North Island

Top 5 Hidden Gems in New Zealand’s North Island New Zealand's North Island is brimming with secret spots and incredible scenic views discover some of these treasures on our tours.  1. Cathedral Cove Located near Hahei beach on the Coromandel Peninsula, this hidden gem is accessible only by boat, kayak, or on foot. Its naturally formed rock... more >