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North Island Hop-On Hop-Off Tours

Find hop-on hop-off tours around the North Island of New Zealand here.

Trips start in the largest city in New Zealand, Auckland, at least three days a week, more in summer months.

These New Zealand backpacker bus trips allow you get off the bus and stay longer at destinations on the pass route.

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Tours from Other regions

North Island Hop-On Hop-Off Tours

The Maximus Pass from $1725

You can start and finish in Auckland, Christchurch or any other place around the circuit. You need about 4 weeks and it's an excellent way to really get to see and experience all of what NZ has to offer - the North of the North to the deep South! As always the longer you have the better so you can get off at your favourite places for a few more days (or weeks!).

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The Max Pass from $1049

This is the most popular pass to see almost everything in NZ. You'll need a few weeks to make the most of it. Start where you like and finish where you started.

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The Moe Pass from $1455

This pass allows you start in Auckland and finish in Christchurch to avoid any backtracking but still allowing you to see most of New Zealand if you have at least three weeks.

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The Jill Pass from $595

If you have at least seven days to visit the North Island of New Zealand then this pass will suit you. Start in Auckland and travel down as far as Wellington before returning to Auckland.


The Jack Pass from $105

This is the perfect pass for those wanting to get out of Auckland and head out to the Bay Of Islands on a 2 day trip.  Even better is to get off in Paihia for a few days to fully experience this region and then return to Auckland. If you only take 2 days you'll still have time to see huge kauri trees, snorkel at a marine reserve and go to a native bird recovery centre.

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