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Tour Types

New Zealand tours come in all lengths, styles and from different departure locations.

Choose your NZ tour based on these popular classifications so you can find the tour that you are looking for easily.

National New Zealand Tours

These tours go to the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Tours here are Accommodated[sitetree_link,id=54], Camping[sitetree_link,id=30] and Hop On Hop Off[sitetree_link,id=125] in style. The National tours start in Auckland and Christchurch. To get the best understanding of New Zealand, if you have the time, you will want to visit the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Check... more >

North Island New Zealand Tours

These tours only go to the North Island of New Zealand. All these tours start in Auckland[sitetree_link,id=113]. Find tours that only go to the South Island[sitetree_link,id=121] here. Find National tours[sitetree_link,id=71] that go to the North and South Island here[sitetree_link,id=71]. more >

South Island New Zealand Tours

Find tours that only travel to the South Island of New Zealand here. Tours depart from Christchurch and Picton. This makes it easy if you only have time or just want to see the one island. Find tours that only travel to the North Island[sitetree_link,id=120] here. Find National tours[sitetree_link,id=71] that travel to the North and South Islands... more >

Tours Starting In Auckland

Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand by population and area. It's known as the City Of Sails because of its fantastic harbour which the city straddles. Auckland also has the main international airport in New Zealand so it's more than likely ou will land here before starting your tour. It's no wonder then... more >

Tours Starting In Christchurch

Christchurch has an international with many flights coming into the country from Australia landing here. Christchurch is located on the east coast of the South Island. it provides good access for tours heading north to Kaikoura and the Nelson region as well as access west across the Southern Alps to the west coast. Southbound you... more >

Jet Boating In New Zealand

Jet boating is a big deal in New Zealand. It was invented here, after all. You can jet boating all over the country, both the North and South Island.  Huka Falls are north of Lake Taupo and the most visited waterfalls in New Zealand. You can take a jet boat ride right up to the rapids. The... more >

Sailing In New Zealand

With 15,000 kilometres of stunning coastline, sheltered sounds and island-dotted harbours, New Zealand has everything you could ask for if you want to try sailing. We have scenic sailing tours in the Abel Tasman National Park area. With 144 islands the Bay of Islands is a wonderful place to sail around.  You can also try a sailing... more >

Adrenaline Activities In New Zealand

New Zealand is a small country of two islands with rolling hills and wonderfully friendly people. However, they have one thing that you wouldn't expect of a country so far away from the rest of the world. They are crazy for adrenaline activities and adventure! And they want you to try a few whilst you... more >

Maori Cultural Tours In New Zealand

Discover the real New Zealand with our Maori Cultural Tours In New Zealand. Experience Maori culture past and present. See the Haka, eat at a Hangi, listen to the Maori legends in story and marvel at wood carvings. These tours will enrich you and enable you to get a deeper understanding of the Maori people in... more >